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Rømø is located 2 km north of Lakolk near a Island called Romo, 43 km south of Esbjerg, Denmark. At Rømø you will find the 36th best kitesurf weather conditions of all 99 Kitesurf Spots around Esbjerg with wind-speeds of 16-22kt on 79 Kitesurf Days per year. Read more on when to go to Rømø to maximize kitesurf fun or click on picture below to check out what's around Rømø.

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Rømø Kitesurf Reviews

Best Rømø Kitesurf Travel Dates

To maximize the number of kitesurf days at Rømø, be sure to book your flights to Westerland (GWT) for October, when you will find Rømø's kitesurf weather at its best: about 21 days with wind-speeds of 18-22kt from north-eastern and a swell of 1.8 m at a period 9 secs from western directions. Average daily highs will be found between 14 and 14°C beneath cloudy skies at Rømø in these months.

A visit in September also makes a good kitesurf holiday around Rømø, but you probably will find acceptable kitesurf conditions only on 16-16 days per month. Kitesurf Weather then will most likely be 16-22kt from north-eastern and a swell of 1.7 m at a period 8 secs from western directions. Average daily highs will be found between 17 and 17°C beneath cloudy skies at Rømø in these months.

You can also consider travelling to Rømø in between June and August, if you are satisfied with up to 14 kitesurf days per month. Average Kitesurf Conditions in these months will be found at 14-20kt from north-eastern and a swell up to 1.4 m at a period of 8 secs from south-western directions. Average daily highs will be found between 14 and 18°C beneath cloudy skies at Rømø in these months.

Travellers heavily focussed on kitesurfing will agree that Rømø is no good kitesurf destination between November and May: no to 3 Kitsurf days with average wind-speeds of 14-24kt from north-eastern and a swell up to 1.2 m at a period of 10 secs from south-western directions can be expected at that time at Rømø. Average daily highs will be found around 4 and 14°C beneath cloudy skies at Rømø in these months.

Kitesurf Weather Forecast for Rømø
Kitesurf Weather Statistics for Rømø

Where to stay around Rømø?

You most probably will not find any recommendable kitesurf accomodation around Rømø for less than $75 per night, but if you're able and willing to pay up to $150 per night, you should check out Hotel Kommandorgarden in Romo Kirkeby (6 km south-east), Hotel Kommandorgarden in Romo Kirkeby (6 km south-east), Ribe Byferie in Ribe (27 km north-east), Britannia Hotel in Esbjerg (37 km north), Cabinn Esbjerg in Esbjerg (37 km north), when planning to kitesurf at Rømø.
If you don't care for the money and are able to pay even more than $150 per night, you maybe want to book your accomodation at Lindner Hotel Windrose in Wenningstedt (25 km south), Hotel Stadt Hamburg in Westerland (28 km south), Top Ccl Roth Westerland Sylt in Westerland (28 km south), Dagmar Hotel in Ribe (28 km north-east), Scandic Olympic in Esbjerg (37 km north), Hotel Ansgar in Esbjerg (37 km north), for a little luxury between your kitesurf sessions at Rømø.

Kitesurf Accomodation around Rømø
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Kitesurfing around Rømø

Around Rømø you will find four Kitesurf Shops, ten Kitesurf Schools and another four Kitesurf Spots. Nearest of its ten Kitesurf Schools are Camp One / Surfschule Wenningstedt in Wenningstedt (24 km south), Surface Sylt in Ho (44 km south), Nieblumer Windsurfing Shop in Nieblum (50 km south), Kitesyd in (63 km east), Westwind in Hemmet (79 km north), Surf-Akademie Ohg in Osterhusum (83 km south), . Rømø's nearest Kitesurf Shops are Paradise Customs Sylt in List (14km south), Intersurf A/S in Varde (52km north) and Fun Sport in Vejle (92km north-east). If you are kitesurfing at Rømø you maybe also want to check out Juvre Sand at Romo Flak (6km north), Sønderstrand at Sonderland (8km south), Rindby Strand at Vadebjaelke (32km north) and Fanø Island Beach at Vadebjaelke (34km north) or any other of the 4 kitesurf spots around Rømø.

Kitesurf Schools around Rømø
Kitesurf Shops around Rømø
Kitesurf Spots around Rømø

Where is Rømø?

Rømø is a Kitesurf Spot in a region called Syddanmark in Denmark. It's located about 43 km south of its next Kitesurf Hub Esbjerg, closest of its 32 Neighborhoods are Lakolk in the east (2km), Kongsmark in the east (5km) and Bolilmark in the east (5km). Rømø is surrounded by 18 watersides, nearest of which are a Island called Romo in the east (3km), a Section Of Island called Norreland in the north-east (5km), a Section Of Island called Sonderland in the south-east (6km) and a Shoal called Romo Flak in the north (7km). Nearest Airport to Rømø is Westerland Sylt (GWT) in Westerland, which is 26 km south.

Kitesurf Map of Esbjerg, Denmark

How to get to Rømø

Go to Airport Esbjerg (EBJ) in Esbjerg, head east on John Tranums Vej toward Rønnegårdsvej. Restricted usage road. After 1.3 km John Tranums Vej turns left and becomes Rønnegårdsvej, then go 700 m and turn right onto Ølufvad Hovedvej/Route 11. After 200 m at the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Lunde Hovedvej/Route 11/Route 191. Continue to follow Lunde Hovedvej/Route 191, then go 3.9 km and continue onto Ålbæk Hovedvej/Route 11. Continue to follow Route 11. Go through 1 roundabout. After 9.5 km take the ramp onto Hovedvej a1/Route 11/Route 24. Continue to follow Route 11/Route 24. Go through 1 roundabout, then go 14.3 km and slight right onto Tøndervej/Route 11. Continue to follow Route 11. Go through 1 roundabout. After 17.9 km at the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Rømøvej/Route 175. Continue to follow Route 175, then go 13.7 km and continue onto Vesterhavsvej. After 3.5 km turn left onto Lakolk, then go 1.0 km and turn right to stay on Lakolk. After 200 m keep left at the fork. Map data ©2011 Google


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