Praia do Rei

#50 of 88 Kitesurf Spots around Lisbon, Portugal

Praia do Rei is located 1 km north of Marco Cabaco near a Island called Bugio, 20 km south of Lisbon, Portugal. At Praia do Rei you will find the 50th best kitesurf weather conditions of all 89 Kitesurf Spots around Lisbon with wind-speeds of 16-20kt on 122 Kitesurf Days per year. Read more on when to go to Praia do Rei to maximize kitesurf fun or click on picture below to check out what's around Praia do Rei.

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Praia do Rei Kitesurf Reviews

Best Praia do Rei Kitesurf Travel Dates

To maximize the number of kitesurf days at Praia do Rei, be sure to book your flights to Lisbon (LIS) for December, when you will find Praia do Rei's kitesurf weather at its best: about 16 days with wind-speeds of 16-20kt from north-eastern and a swell of 3.3 m at a period 11 secs from western directions. Average daily highs will be found between 16 and 16°C beneath cloudy skies at Praia do Rei in these months.

You can also consider travelling to Praia do Rei in between January and August or in November, if you are satisfied with 8-13 kitesurf days per month. Average Kitesurf Conditions in these months will be found at 12-22kt from eastern and a swell up to 2.5 m at a period of 10 secs from western directions. Average daily highs will be found between 15 and 20°C beneath some clouds at Praia do Rei in these months.

Travellers heavily focussed on kitesurfing will agree that Praia do Rei is no good kitesurf destination in September or October: only 4-7 Kitsurf days with average wind-speeds of 14-20kt from eastern and a swell up to 2.3 m at a period of 9 secs from southern directions can be expected at that time at Praia do Rei. Average daily highs will be found around 19 and 20°C beneath some clouds at Praia do Rei in these months.

Kitesurf Weather Forecast for Praia do Rei
Kitesurf Weather Statistics for Praia do Rei

Where to stay around Praia do Rei?

If you're travelling on a budget, you will find some good value accomodation options around Praia do Rei: Closest of the recommendable cheap hotels are Hotel Praia Do Sol in Costa de Caparica (4 km north), Ibis Lisboa Oeiras in Oeiras (13 km north), where you can find a bed and a shower after your kitesurf sessions for under $75 per night.
If you're able and willing to pay up to $150 per night, you should check out Hotel Costa Da Caparica in Costa de Caparica (4 km north), Melia Aldeia Dos Capuchos in Costa de Caparica (4 km north), Solplay Apartment Hotel in Lisbon (11 km north), Amazonia Jamor Hotel in Linda-a-pastora (12 km north), Hotel Real Oeiras in Oeiras (13 km north-west), when planning to kitesurf at Praia do Rei.
If you don't care for the money and are able to pay even more than $150 per night, you maybe want to book your accomodation at Altis Belem Hotel And Spa in Lisbon (9 km north), Pestana Palace Hotel & National Monument in Lisbon (11 km north), Olissippo Lapa Palace in Lisbon (12 km north), As Janelas Verdes in Lisbon (12 km north), for a little luxury between your kitesurf sessions at Praia do Rei.

Kitesurf Accomodation around Praia do Rei
Check out closest Airports to Praia do Rei, Vacations with more room.

Kitesurfing around Praia do Rei

Around Praia do Rei you will find ten Kitesurf Shops, 17 Kitesurf Schools and another four Kitesurf Spots. Nearest of its 17 Kitesurf Schools are Kite Temple - Kite Schools - Portugal in Lisboa (1 km south), Boarder Club Portugal in Barreiro (4 km north), Paulo Meira in Mora (9 km east), Kitekultur in (11 km north), Escola Rui Meira in Sesimbra (12 km south), Lxkite in Lisboa (13 km north-east), . Praia do Rei's nearest Kitesurf Shops are Boarder Club Portugal in Barreiro (4km north), Paulo Meira in Mora (9km east) and Kitekultur in (11km north). If you are kitesurfing at Praia do Rei you maybe also want to check out Praia do Rei at Areal do Bugio (0km north), Praia da Rainha at Areal do Bugio (1km north), Praia da Saude at Areal do Bugio (1km north) and Praia da Costa da Caparica at Areal do Bugio (3km north-west) or any other of the 4 kitesurf spots around Praia do Rei.

Kitesurf Schools around Praia do Rei
Kitesurf Shops around Praia do Rei
Kitesurf Spots around Praia do Rei

Where is Praia do Rei?

Praia do Rei is a Kitesurf Spot in a region called Setúbal in Portugal. It's located about 20 km south of its next Kitesurf Hub Lisbon, closest of its 45 Neighborhoods are Marco Cabaco in the north-east (1km), Costa de Caparica in the north-west (3km) and Vila Nova in the north (3km). Praia do Rei is surrounded by five watersides, nearest of which are a Island called Bugio in the north-west (9km), a Shoal called Areal do Bugio in the north-west (9km), a Ditch called Vala da Salgueirinha in the south (11km) and a Dune called Medos de Albufeira in the south (11km). Nearest Airport to Praia do Rei is Lisboa (LIS) in Lisbon, which is 20 km north.

Kitesurf Map of Lisbon, Portugal

How to get to Praia do Rei

Go to Airport Lisboa (LIS) in Lisbon, head northeast. After 14 m turn right toward Aeroporto da Portela, then go 300 m and continue straight onto Aeroporto da Portela. After 100 m continue straight onto Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas, then go 500 m and at Praça do Aeroporto, take the 1st exit onto the E1 ramp to IC19/Sintra/Segunda Circular/Campo Grande/Eixo Norte-Sul. After 600 m merge onto E1, then go 3.2 km and take exit 6 toward Eixo Norte-Sul/A2/Sul. After 200 m merge onto Eixo Norte-Sul/IP7. Continue to follow IP7, then go 1600 m and take the exit toward Caparica. After 500 m merge onto Estr. IC20/IC20. Continue to follow IC20, then go 5.9 km and continue onto Av. Primeiro de Maio. After 400 m turn left onto Av. Gen. Humberto Delgado, then go 900 m and at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto R. Eng. Henrique Mendia. After 300 m at the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Av. Dom Sebastião, then go 74 m and continue onto Av. de Dom Sebastião/N10-1. Continue to follow N10-1. After 3.7 km turn right. Map data ©2011 Tele Atlas


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